About Us

Warehouse Training Solutions (WTS) was founded to provide the specific training, which would meet the needs of the logistics, transport and warehousing sector. WTS know that innovation and change are requirements to meet needs of the industry, which is developing at a rapid pace.

The principles such as lean warehousing and cross-docking have left a requirement for staff to be prepared, to understand and work with the implementation of these ideas.

Warehouse Training Solutions (WTS) provide a basic level training programme which introduced the students to the overall activities which take place in warehousing today and introduce them to the latest technology such as voice picking and camera picking. Thereby helping to develop a more orientated staff member, who is informed on all the activities which take place in warehouse operations.

Once this programme was introduced it was noted that other areas of the logistics training were proving ineffective from a cost perspective. Incorrect forklift operation alone costs companies large losses through damages and injuries. WTS provide Fork Truck training of a highest standard available. 

Recognising a need in the logistics industry, WTS also provide CPC training for both truck and bus drivers and are a registered provider with the RSA. Drivers can also avail of the Power Pallet Truck training to aid deliveries. We also provide a driver assessment programme to establish and increase the skills of drivers on an on-going basis.

Warehouse Training Solutions provide Instructor Training Courses throughout the year. This training can enable the participant to a lift truck instructor in their working environment and be listed on our register of Operators.

Here at WTS we believe that only through the correct training, can companies decrease their downtime and costs. We aim to continue to develop courses which are modern and up to date while remaining focused and interesting for the learners.

WTS consultancy provides advice and services to logistics, transport and warehouse operations on a variety of projects. These include logistics processes and procedure development and operational effectiveness. The service enables companies to review their operations, processes and procedures to enable a more cost effective and efficient business model.