Warehouse Training Solutions can provide you with advice and consultancy on a range of topics relative to Logistics and Warehousing. Our consultancy expertise includes all issues relating to safety: ranging from your Safety Statement and Risk Assessment to arranging Pedestrian Walkways on your site. Health & Safety Audits can be completed and these would include reports and recommendations on how improve and develop your company standards.

We provide advice and consultancy on Mechanical Handling Equipment and their implementation. We can help your company to decide and plan towards the best use of equipment and we would also recommend the best equipment for the task. We can also help with the continual development of the equipments and their record keeping of maintenance & services. We can make the task of MHE related decisions easier and more effective for your business.

As a fourth party logistics provider, we can help you decide on controlling and developing your third party logistics provider to its full potential. Fourth party logistics can increase productivity and decrease costs, while acting on your behalf and in your interest. Warehouse Training Solutions can help you implement the essential key performance indicators relevant your business success and that will keep you informed on your day to day operations performance.